About the Center

The Center for the Future of Work at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College is an interdisciplinary research center that was established with a seed gift from Cognizant Technology Solutions.

Faculty from across the university focus on the study of technological and social system enablers of next generation organizations engaged in the creation of digital content and services.

The Center for the Future of Work draws on university-wide, interdisciplinary research capabilities to study the interaction between physical and virtual work spaces that will enable major breakthroughs in the design of work processes and environments for network-enabled organizations of the future. The objective is to create a rich understanding of the interactions among present and emerging technologies, incentives that support knowledge creation and sharing in physical and virtual workplaces, and individual and group behaviors to create evidence-based guidelines for best practices and optimum workplace design.

Faculty and students from a range of CMU departments — the School of Computer Science, Carnegie Institute of Technology, the School of Design at the College of Fine Arts, Heinz College, and the Tepper School of Business — research topics such as collaboration and communication; knowledge management and knowledge transfer in distributed environments; content development through crowd sourcing; and the tools, incentives, technologies, and methodologies needed to meet the challenges and opportunities facing knowledge-based organizations.

In addition, the Center also selects a small set of proposals to fund as faculty probes to try “riskier” ideas or to engage key faculty around the university. The Center makes use of the global and distributed nature of CMU’s programs as test beds for future of work ideas.